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  1. Contact Earneco – We’ll discuss your platform, social following and set you up as an influencer
  2. Log on to the web app – Simply sign up to the web app and you will be able to access your unique referral links via the app (top dropdown menu or after watching each ad)
  3. Copy Referral URL – Copy and paste the URL into: a blog post, social post, WhatsApp message, text message or email – Only caveat is it has to be on your owned channels or list
  4. Share Link – When anyone signs up from your link, verifies their email, and watches their first advert – you will earn
  5. Redeem Payment – You can choose to redeem your points as either Amazon vouchers or money. Points are always rolled over so you will never lose out. Amazon vouchers can be redeemed up to £100. Once over £100 it will be by bank transfer on a monthly basis.